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Meet Krista Carter, On-line Fund-raising Specialist, Majority Money

Our resident on-line
fund-raising guru has more than a few rodeos under
her belt.

Krista Carter serves as the On-line Fund-raising Specialist for Majority Money. Krista comes to us after spending the last two years raising millions of dollars for clients across the country for the intense 2018 midterm cycle.

Krista previously served as the Digital Fund-raising Director for Americans for Prosperity, where she built and implemented AFP’s first on-line donor premium program.

Active in local and state politics in her native Louisiana since childhood, the Louisiana Tech alum has served in Republican politics at every level, finding a niche for on-line fund-raising and e-mail marketing. Krista served on Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential run, Ken Cuccinelli’s Virginia gubernatorial run in 2013, and Rob Maness for US Senate in 2014, while also having nonprofit and agency experience.

When Krista is not researching the latest fund-raising and marketing trends, she’s cheering on the Washington Nationals, finding any excuse to be in the sun, and enjoying all the activities our nation’s Capitol has to offer.


Krista Carter: Up Close and Personal

Majority Money (MM): What’s your favorite blog?

Krista Carter (KC): My favorite blog is actually relatively new! Learn Test Optimize from Eric Wilson.


MM: Best moment on the campaign trail?

KC: When you’ve spent as much time on the campaign trail as I have, LOTS of moments stand out, but I would have to say the best moment was in 2014 on the Col. Rob Maness for U.S. Senate campaign. I had the opportunity to witness a 9/11 Pentagon survivor and decorated Air Force Colonel recount his first-hand accounts of that historic day and pay tribute at a Monument that features two World Trade Center beams, Pentagon limestone and dirt from the Shanksville, PA, Flt. 93 crash site. It was a powerful feeling to experience that day with someone like Colonel Maness.


MM: The toughest lesson you’ve learned?

KC: You’ll never please everyone.


MM: Is there an app you can’t live without?

KC: Hands down, Instagram. How did we ever live without meme accounts and celebrity gossip?


MM: Favorite eats from your home state?

KC: In Louisiana there’s only one food: CRAWFISH! (and more crawfish!)


MM: Last book you read?

KC: Because I believe good literature is nonpartisan – Joe Biden’s, Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose.


MM: Where do you get your news?

KC: My Amazon Alexa reads the headlines for me in the mornings and then I loyally read The Hill’s Morning Report on the metro to the office.


MM: What time of day are you most productive?

KC: I’m a complete night owl. Some of my most productive hours are between 11 pm and 1 am.


MM: Name one of your “weird” hobbies or habits.

KC: There’s no way around it – I’m a digital nerd. One of my nerdier hobbies is to practice and try out new coding techniques in HTML during my “night owl” hours.


MM: Why Majority Money?

KC: I’m a very analytical person naturally, so I loved that data is the driving decision-making factor in what we do and helps us to back up our strategy with hard facts.


MM: What’s your favorite thing about where you live?

KC: That Alexandria is juuuuust on the outskirts of DC. I’m still close, but far enough out!


MM: What’s at the top of your bucket list?

KC: I just recently (through Ancestry DNA) learned that I come from an overwhelmingly Scottish background, so traveling to Scotland has jumped to the top of my bucket list!


MM: What would you most like to learn how to do? (speak Swahili, tame lions, etc.)

KC: Time travel! No, seriously. How cool would it be to experience some of history’s biggest events with your present-day knowledge?


MM: What motivates you?

KC: Thinking about the legacy that I will leave behind is what motivates me. I want to help shape the role that digital fund-raising plays in campaigns, along with women in technology. Digital fund-raising is a small community and we need more young females who code and build programs. I want to help mentor the next generation of on-line fund-raising strategists the way my mentors continue to help me.


MM: Number of pets? If more than one, which one is the most memorable?

KC: I have the sweetest blonde mini Pom named Brooks B. Carter! He takes his hair very seriously and has two favorite dos – one that makes him look like a tiny lion for the dog days of summer and one that makes him look like a teddy bear the rest of the year!


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