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We are Majority Money.

Majority Money is a comprehensive fund-raising solution that combines the full-circle power of superior data, unique creative, and streamlined production to solicit donations from every angle and build a profitable coalition of donors.

Majority Money’s fund-raising experts can develop, manage, and execute a plan to identify, grow, and activate your targeted audience of donors by communicating with them through a variety of mediums including e-mail, digital, direct mail, and phones.

Majority Money partners with industry leaders to provide a full-service fund-raising solution.

Fund-Raising Consulting

Our team of fund-raising experts will work directly with your team to implement best practices, build out your fund-raising infrastructure, establish a goal, and develop a pipeline to achieving it.


E-mail is fast, cost effective, and easily optimized to deliver the best results. We’ll draft compelling, engaging, unique, personalized content that drives contributions in the door.


Digital advertising allows you to get your message in front of your target audience, grow your base, and solicit contributions across a number of digital spaces to meet your fund-raising goals.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the most trusted and targetable mediums and viewed as more personal in large part to its physical trait. By putting the convenience of giving directly in the hands of donors, we can reengage lapsed donors and bring prospects across the finish line.


Our superior data models give us a clear idea of what to say to bring a donor prospect across the finish line from day one. We’ll continuously monitor, enhance, and optimize our data as results are compiled from our fund-raising efforts, allowing us to improve our tactics as we learn to increase the depth, breadth, and success of the program.

On-line Payment Processing

Offering on-line payment processing with Raise the Money, America’s first and only platform to comprehensively address the on-line fund-raising needs of political candidates and campaigns.


Raise money anywhere, anytime through the simplicity of a text message that is almost guaranteed to be seen by your targeted donors.


Make the call and raise the dollars you need with a traditional phone fund-raising program that directly solicits contributions.


Majority Money will help you navigate through the complex and unique regulatory compliance of the campaign industry to ensure you are dotting all I’s and crossing all T’s on the way to reaching your fund-raising goals.

Lindsay Jacobs

Executive Director

Lindsay Jacobs Seti serves as Executive Director of Majority Money. Lindsay has an extensive background in political fund-raising, event planning, and donor communications.

Jacobs previously served as the Finance Director for Mark Boughton’s 2018 campaign for Governor of Connecticut. Under her leadership, the campaign successfully executed a low-dollar, grassroots fund-raising strategy to qualify for Connecticut’s Citizens Election Program, securing $1.35M in state funding for the Primary Election and solidifying Boughton’s status as the only Republican-endorsed candidate for Governor. Following the Primary, Jacobs joined Republican nominee Bob Stefanowski’s finance team for the General Election, raising over $4M in the last three months of the campaign.

Before relocating to the Northeast, Jacobs served as the Political Affairs Manager for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce where she raised funds for the organization’s two Independent Expenditure Committees and Political Action Committee. Jacobs' experience includes working with U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R – FL) on Georgia fund-raising and helping raise over $7M for U.S. Senator David Perdue (R – GA) during his first run for office.

Jacobs’ political fund-raising career began in Washington, D.C. as the Deputy Finance Director for the West Region and Team 100 at the RNC.

Jacobs is a graduate of Emory University in Atlanta where she received a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and History. She is originally from Los Angeles and currently resides in New York City.

Drew Ballesteros

Deputy Executive Director

Drew Ballesteros serves as Deputy Executive Director of Majority Money. Drew previously served as a Strategy Director with Majority Strategies.

Prior to his experience with Majority Strategies, Drew served as a Regional Field Director for the Republican Party of Virginia.

Drew is a Columbus, Georgia, native who is no stranger to politics. In addition to working for the Republican Party of Virginia, Drew acted as the National Finance Associate for Ben Carson in 2016.

Drew now lives in Jacksonville, Florida, where he enjoys watching his favorite show, Everybody Loves Raymond, and catching the latest NASCAR race.

Michael McMacken

On-line Fund-raising Project Manager

Mike McMacken is a Mile High City native of Denver, Colorado. In 2010 he started a small non-profit named the Digital Bridge Foundation, which refurbished office grade computers for Denver public school students that did not have the ability to purchase their own PC. Until 2013 he refurbished over 500 PC’s for Colorado families and conducted basic PC skills training for the recipients that needed teaching. Mike’s political experience started in college volunteering with Senator Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential bid. Since then he has worked for the Congressional Leadership Fund as the Colorado State Regional Director, and the Lead Legislative Aide for the Colorado GOP leadership offices in both the state Senate and House of Representatives. Mike most recently served as Deputy Campaign Manager and Finance Director for Attorney General Tim Fox’s 2020 Gubernatorial campaign in Montana. When there is rare free time you can find him hitting the slopes during the winter either skiing or snowboarding the Rocky Mountains and watching baseball during the summer, rooting for his hometown Colorado Rockies.

Thanks to our data and a leading suite of fund-raising products, Majority Money can take you from square one to a robust fund-raising operation quickly and efficiently. Get started today.